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Rick Ryan

Fine Art Photographer

Artist Mission:

My mission is to inspire and enhance any space within a home, hotel or office. The spaces you interact with daily should capture your personality and enact emotion from you or your guests.. I achieve this through stunning modern, diverse range of unique artwork exclusive to the Rick Ryan Art brand.

My artwork features over 80 curated images including the most stunning and iconic locations throughout the USA and world. Special collections showcase lifestyle, geological icons, and abstract artwork made with metal, quality papers and other distinct materials to best express the art.

Artist Statement:

The imagery that my work captures is more than a photograph. As a photograph doesn’t require much more than a nice camera. However, to develop imagery, one can learn to use the technology given within a camera and specific elements to create something more involved. My work strives to grant the viewer a chance to see nature’s grand finales, these are events that often peak at certain moments in time. I capture and deliver these moments in an almost purist fashion by using a vivid duo-chromatic blend of colors. 

My duo-chromatic style can be seen in almost all of my works. I am naturally drawn to landscapes that have very intense colors. On a deeper level, this contemporary work establishes the bond between humans and landscapes. As the true artist it is mother nature for creating such events for me to capture. I hope my work, when viewed, can evoke positive notions towards the world and a sense of an adventure. I travel the world seeking the vast variety of landscapes we have on this floating rock of ours, we call Earth. Now, I must go, my next adventure is waiting for me.


Most Recent Projects

An artistic print is not just something you admire, it is a moment in time you get to live.

Rick Ryan

Fine Art Photographer

A Quest to the Sahara

In 2018, I set out to see Morocco for a month and having never been to Africa I had no idea what to expect. However, I knew I wanted to capture the country’s beauty, that I had heard so much about. So I hired a guide to show me around the entire country. We spent some nights in local villages while on our way to see the Sahara Desert.  When my guide and I made it to the Desert we had packed as much water as we could carry. It was a boiling 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 C) and winds were about 25 mph. We camped 2 nights in the dunes, I spent those scorching days taking photos to distract from the blistering heat but on the third day I had nearly run out of water and was struck with a crippling heat exhaustion..

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